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FennoSteel Oy is the largest automotive exhaust system and thin wall tube manufacturer in Scandinavia.

Our customers include leading European aftermarket distributors, original equipment manufacturers and professionals in traffic safety and construction businesses.

Fenno's roots date back to 1985 when the first production site was established. Today´s FennoSteel is a tough combination of quality, new innovation and world class manufacturing with a wide range of products. We are at your service!


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FennoSteel develops the further processing of steel tubes with the fiber-optic tubelaser. There is no other Adige LT8.10 in the Nordig countries, so we are very happy to have this high performance and very automatic machine in our factory. The tube laser is a big step forward and now we are able to handle all…

Traffic sign tubes


FennoSteel Oy is a manufacturer of CE marked traffic sign tubes. The manufactured diameters are 60 and 89mm. The lenght can be chosen from 1000 up to 8000mm. Our standard lenghts 2700, 3150, 3500, 4000 and 6000mm you can find straight from the stock. Ask more details and material options from our sales.

We at FennoSteel are proud to be forerunners in environmental matters!


All materials or waste generated in our processes are re-used or recycled appropriately.